2003 Competition Trailer for Race/Motorcycle Transporter


Trailer was purchase in 2006 by a motorcycle manufacturer and used to transport the company's products to major rallies and events. The trailer is a 2003 53' x 102" Competition Trailer. It is gloss black with aluminum wheels on a spread axle frame. The stacker design has approximately 54" of height on the upper level and a 76" ceiling on the lower level.

The entire inside of the trailer is insulated and has white aluminum walls and florescent lighting throughout. The lower level is air conditioned by two Ream XL air conditioning units recessed on the roof. (It is possible to cool the level down to 70 degrees with it 100 degrees outside even with the outside of the trailer painted black!) The flooring on the lower level and in the lounge is blue rubber with coin type treading. In the rear of the trailer there are metal cabinets and tool drawers for storage. There are two sliding glass doors at the rear ( approximately 66" width). The forward access door has a sliding glass "pocket" door. These two features are extremely valuable when coming in and out of the trailer. It keeps the air in and allows visibility and light of the outside. There are four ceiling mounted speakers on the lower level with volume controls on each. A cell phone signal amplifier has been installed to help boost the signal while inside the trailer.

The upper level is approximately 54" tall with aluminum flooring and "E"
track on the walls and floor. The awning is secured to the upper passenger side walls as well as florescent lighting for excellent visibility up stairs. Access to the large enclosed storage area above the lounge is at the front of the upper level. Access to the upper level is in front of the lounge door and has a sliding door that covers the upper level access keeping the area blocked off visibly and helps keep the air condition confined.

The lounge is plush with a "U" shaped couch and lots of storage. Under each couch is a large storage area as well as under each counter. Cabinets at eye level nearly surrounding the lounge provide storage for food, supplies and more. Each cabinet can be secured. A separate air conditioning unit keeps the lounge cool in the summer and warm in the winter. There is a television, vcr, and dvd with all remotes. Florescent lighting on ceiling and under cabinets. The cabinets are lined with black carpet inside.


2003 Competition Trailer Racing/Motorcycle Transporter
53 ft length
102" width
72" King Pin Setting
080 Smooth (Rivet less) Sides
Painted Gloss Black
5 Outdoor Lights on Passenger Side
10' Spread Axle with in cab button to raise rear axle in tight turns.
Air Suspension
20,000 lbs suspension
Air Brakes
Polished Aluminum Wheels
2 Levels : 54" Upper Level
3 Ream XL Air Conditioners
Insulated Sides and Roof
LED DOT Lighting
Pocket Doors in Rear and on Passenger Side.
Observation Deck with Railing and Ladders.
Chainless Hydraulic Lift Gate

53 ft Black Eide Industries
No Graphics- Solid Black
Complete Side and Front Curtains
Complete Set of Rails (All Uppers, Lowers, and Connectors) All Mounting Hardware included.
In Great Condition- New in 2006.
Rail Mounted Circular Fans with Mounting Equipment

Kubota 23KW Generator
50 Gallon Diesel Tank

Lower Level
Storage in Rear Cabinets
Cabinets are easily removable and replaceable with mounting system.
Tool Drawers
Flush mounted floor tie down system with "E" track on walls Walls are white aluminum Florescent Lighting the length of the lower level
2 Air Conditioning Units Cool and Heat the lower level Generator Remove Controller

Upper Level
54" Height
Aluminum Floor
Mounted floor tie down system with "E" track on walls Rails and Rail Mounting Florescent Lighting the length of the upper level Storage Access to Area above lounge

U Shaped Couches
Mirrored Ceiling and forward wall
2 Windows, one on each side
TV/VCR combo
DVD Player
60" of Counter Top Space and under counter storage.


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